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Family Estate 

Our olive orchards are located about 20 km north-west of Akhisar, a city 1 hour inland of Aegean coastal line,  within the borders of Zeytinliova Township. Among them, the one situated at the skirts of Mount Yunt  has a perfect location for organic agriculture, thanks to the pine forests surrounding the land. 

Our trees are well-known Domat and Uslu varieties which are native to the area and has a D.O.P (Designated Origin Protection) status.


Organic Agriculture



Our orchards have organic certification audited by EcoCert, an international USDA accredited organic certification firm. Therefore our orchards are free of harmful pesticides, chemicals, and fertilizers. 


Organic Agriculture

Harvested By Hand

Controlling the milling process is as important as having a good quality fruit. We realized that it is almost impossible to obtain the best results when a commercial or community mill is used since you cannot control the critical quality factors such as wait time, malaxation duration and the temperature. Therefore we decided to invest our own mill and a  state of the art production facility and never regret it.

Cold Pressed at our Own Facility

We hand pick our olives at their peak. Although this method is the most labor-intensive and expensive one, it minimizes the fruit damage during the harvest, therefore maximizes the quality of olive oil. Also, it creates jobs and helps the local community.

Hand Picked
Cold Pressed in 4 Hours

After the milling, we immediately transfer our EVOO into our stainless steel storage tanks filled with an inert gas in order to minimize the oxidation. The storage section is  7/24 climate controlled and kept at 18 C year long, thanks to the solar powered A/C systems.  

Climatized Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Climatized Storage

Automatic Filling and Packaging

It wouldn't be "Estate Bottled" until we have our own automatic packaging line, so we did it.  

Automatic Filing & Packaging

Sustainable & Eco-friendly


Being an eco-friendly, sustainable business has always been our philosophy;  


  • We employ 100% natural organic farming methods in our orchards. We never use harmful chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers in our production.

  • Our orchardsproduction, and packaging facilities have organic certifications and audited by an internationally accredited auditor, EcoCert.  The soil, leaf and fruit samples are taken regularly and analyzed by the accredited laboratories as part of the audit process.  

  • We responsibly use all the resources that are given by mother-nature, such as water. We use an underground drip-irrigation system in our orchards in order to minimize the water consumption and evaporation.  
  • Our olive mill operates with the eco-friendly 2-Phased System. With this modern production system, our facility produces zero-pollutants. Even the olive paste, the only residual of the milling process is recycled as a natural fertilizer, fuel, and animal food.
  • We use our own solar-powered electricity to minimize our carbon footprint and energy consumption.    


Sustainable & Eco-friendly

From Tree to Shelf, Fully Traceable

From farm to the shelf, our entire product lifecycle is fully traceable   ;


  • We use a cloud-based purpose-built  mobile application suite to track every stage of the production

  • We track every tree and orchard with a special coding system and record every agricultural activity using mobile devices, such as cultivation, pruning, irrigation, and harvesting.

  • Every single batch of olive is tracked starting from harvest to milling, storage, and packaging with batch numbers and geo-tags.
  • The consumer packaging includes batch and lot numbers, along with barcodes. So retailers and consumers can display and trace back product details on our website, such as its shipment, packaging and manufacturing dates, the geo-origin of the EVOO, the type and characteristics of the olive used


Fully Tracealble
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