Why Trace-ability Matters

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You have made a great decision by choosing  Ozelia!  As a single estate, artisan, premium extra virgin olive oil producer, we believe all of our customers should know where their food comes from.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is proven to be a health miracle. However,  to get all the health benefits, you need to consume  fresh, real, unadulterated, non-blended EVOOs ! 

I hear you saying "It is easier said than done!" and you are right! Almost all of the olive oils on the market shelves  claim to be "Extra Virgin", "Cold Pressed", "Premium". Then which one is  the real deal? How do we know ? 

Olive oil is a delicate product. To obtain a really good quality, growing the highest quality fruits, harvesting them at the right time, immediately pressing them in modern mills using the cold-extraction method are extremely important. Storing the EVOO in climate controlled, air-tight, stainless-steel tanks under an inert gas is also critical. Not blending different type of olives/EVOOs, packaging only fresh EVOOs, proper labeling on the packaging are other must-haves.  If any of these requirements is not met, what you get is only an average product.  Therefore, we believe it is almost impossible to produce a high quality EVOO when you cannot control the production process from orchard to shelves. 

This is why we recommend buying from smaller, artisan producers over large industrial companies or cooperatives. Because small, family-owned producers like ours produce smaller amounts which give them ability to take care every batch. They focus on quality. Because this is the only way they can compete with larger companies.

Trace Your Ozelia Here:

Enter the  lot number located at the back panel of  your product  & double-click the "Submit" button.


Tip:  If the lot number starts with PRT(i.e. PRT:180405-1) enter 180405-1, otherwise enter the number starting with "L", including the letter "L"

Bonus Material 

Click here to download a document explaining what makes Ozelia a premium, artisan olive oil.


We believe you will continue to buy Ozelia since it is extremely difficult to find similar high quality Olive Oils , especially at this price level. However, if you want to try other oils, you can use this document as a guide to determine if ths product is a real premium one.

A single estate olive oil means the olives come from only one orchard. When a singe estate producer have its own mill, this is even better. Because  it means the producer can press the olives immediately  at his own mill without having to wait  at the community or coop mill. This allow the producer to optimize  mill settings for each batch for the maximum quality, such as the processing temperature and duration. 

As an "Estate Produced & Bottled"  artisan olive oil, we press the fresh, green olives of our family estate in less than 4 hours from the moment they are picked from the tree, in our own press. This mean we have end to end control from growing, harvesting, milling, storage, packaging and shipment. This is why our consumers can see the entire history of our products on our trace-ability platform.

The question is, how do you know if the other producers have control over the entire process. Well, ask the producer if they can tell  where the olives came from for the bottle you purchased. If they can tell the orchard/estate name, give you the harvest date and olive type and production / packaging details, probably you are talking with a single estate EVOO producer.

Trace-ability gives consumers the ability to learn all these details, without having to meet the actual estate owner. All Ozelia products are 100%  traceable and  the information we provide on our platform is backed by the audits performed by USDA  accredited, global  firms.


You can visit Estate & Production section of our web site and download the bonus material to learn more about how we produce our award-winning  single estate EVOOs and why they matter. You can also use this document to evaluate other EVOOs.

Did you know, you could win a free bottle of ozelia  ? 
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