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Wholesale & Bulk Orders

Having a family heritage in the olive business more than a century, we are here to help  for your bulk and wholesale olive oil needs. As a producer  consistently winning quality awards year over year , our "premium quality" production philosophy has always been same regardless of the quantity, whether it is a single bottle or a full container load.

  • We produce and sell only real extra virgin olive oil. We do not sell any refined  or blended products. Period! 

  • Our bulk EVOO products meets or exceeds  IOOC Extra Virgin Olive Oil standard. Guaranteed! 

  • Our prices are competitive,too ! Being a producer and a direct supplier enable us to compete in the bulk EVOO market without having to cut corners.  We determine our wholesale EVOO prices with a "cost plus" approach and keep them grounded.  Our priority is to  establish long-term  partnerships with our wholesale customers  based on mutual trust and reliability.


Our Location & Facilities


Our production facilities are located  in the center of the prime olive producing region of Turkey, Akhisar having access to tens of thousands of olive farms and 14 million olive trees within 45 minutes of driving distance. 


Our state of the art facility has been built in 2018 and FDA registered. It has two 2-phased continuous production lines having a 60 tons / day capacity,  automatic packaging line and climate-controlled, stainless steel tank storage facility.    


Once pressed, our olive oils are stored in  our air-tight  stainless steel tanks under an inert gas to avoid oxidation. The access-controlled storage facility is climatized year round thanks to our solar powered air condition system.


Our facility is TR an USDA organic certified and audited by internationally accredited auditors regularly. We comply strict food handling and processing safety  regulations under the international USDA and TR Organic Certifications.

Flexible Container Options

metal drums.jpg


IBC Totes

Metal Drums

Private Label

Yes, we do private label, too!

Thanks to our automatic filling line we can fill consumer packages from 250 ml - 2 Lt with brand. Please ask for the details.


Food Grade

Plastic Drums

How can we help ? 

We`d love to talk and learn about your company and needs. Please fill the form, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please expect a call or email from us within the same or next business day.

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