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Single Estate

Our award winning artisan extra virgin olive oils are hand-harvested from family-owned orchards, cold-pressed & bottled in our own facilities right after the harvest. Each bottle can be fully traced from shelf to the farm.


Olive oil has been part of the rich cultural heritage of humanity for thousands of years. It is the foundation of the Mediterranean cuisine which represents a healthier lifestyle, not just food. Ozelia invites you to experience the lifestyle &  rich cultural heritage of Olive Oil, just like our family has been enjoying for centuries. 




Belonging to a century-old family heritage, our olive orchards sit on a land 20 km north-west of the city of Akhisar, within the borders of Zeytinliova Township. Among them, the one situated at the south skirts of Yunt Mountains, has a unique location for organic agriculture, thanks to the pine forests surrounding it. Our olive trees, many of them century-old,  are Uslu and Domat varieties that are native to the region with a Designation of Origin Protection (D.O.P). 


Product of our family`s century old tradition & mastery

100% Doğal Zeytinlerden

Özenle Hasat Edildi


Cold pressed in our own mill within a few hours from the harvest.


Trace it from shelf to the orchard at every step on our website.


No harmful chemicals or pesticides. 100% Natural & Healthy 

Estate Grown & Bottled

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NYIOOC 2019 AWARD OZELIA_edited.png


Ozelia means  " A Special Oil" in Turkish.  To produce a really special olive oil that also walks to walk, we grow the best olives in our organic orchards using only traditional methods. We hand pick them at their peak, then press in less than 4 hours at our own mill to preserve every single bit of goodness the fresh olives has to offer. We respect and preserve the nature in every way we can by reducing our water & energy consumption, using eco-friendly technologies for sustainability.

What Makes Ozelia a "Special Oil" 


Hand-picked From Our Family Estate 
 Cold Pressed & Estate Bottled in
Our Facilities
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Award-Winning "Organic Uslu"
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Because what you put in your mouth matters!

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