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Thank you for your interest in Ozelia Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Please fill the form below and provide us your email address and the lot number of the product you purchased. The lot number is located either on the back panel of the bottle or on the product ASIN barcode label.

As soon as we receive your request, we will send you the detailed prodduct traaceability information, including the fruit type & characteristics,  the orchard the olives harvested from, test results, certifications  as well as harvest, press, packaging and shipment dates.  

Please also indicate if you have reviewed our product on Amazon for a chance to win a free bottle of Ozelia !  

please fill the form to get the information via email



  • Can I share this with my friends?  Yes, you can. As long as they enjoy good olive oil, share the good news with them!

  • What if I don`t like it? We have never experienced this situation so far! Seriously.  If happens, just tell us. We will make it right and still issue a full refund.


  • What if I don`t have a Paypal or a payment account?  If you share your mailing address we can mail you a check

  • What happens after the first 50 reviews? We will continue with new campaigns. Please signup below to be the first to know!

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