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double your summer fun with a 


bottle of ozelia!

Recently we launched our award-winning all natural/organic 2019 olive oils on Amazon with new 1 Lt and 500ml containers.


We need your help to spread the word about how good they are! 

So we give a full refund for the first 50 Amazon reviews with verified purchase.


Do not miss to experience one of the best olive oils on earth for FREE!

all you need to do is

  • Buy one of our award-winning olive oils from Amazon

  • Review it on Amazon  


  • Send a copy of your review to us  & tell us how you want to be refunded

       (Paypal, Apple Pay, Zelle  or regular check)

       We will issue a full refund as soon as your           verified purchase review appears. 

          (Questions ? Visit F.A.Q)

step 1: chose a product  & order on amazon


step 2: come back here & enter the refund info


Thanks for submitting! We will refund your payment soon.


  • Can I share this with my friends?  Yes, you can. As long as they enjoy good olive oil, share the good news with them!

  • What if I don`t like it? We have never experienced this situation so far! Seriously.  If happens, just tell us. We will make it right and still issue a full refund.


  • What if I don`t have a Paypal or a payment account?  If you share your mailing address we can mail you a check

  • What happens after the first 50 reviews? We will continue with new campaigns. Please signup below to be the first to know!

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