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  • How do you keep track of every single EVOO package you sell ?
    We have created a traceability platform covering our entire product life cycle, form the orchard to the shelf ( or the e-commerce web site ) - We give a number for each tree in our orchard. Using the mobile application we developed, we can track every step of the agricultural activities. We record not only the harvest time, but the detials like the harvest amount, pruning, irrigation. - During the harvest, we keep track of the orchard, harvest time, olive variety and the olive amount. - Our mill has the same tracking system. We keep track of the each harvest batch during the EVOO press and record the malaxation time and temperature. Then we record the tank number the EVOO stores. This way we know where the each EVOO batch came from.
  • Do you test each batch of EVOO ?
    Yes! We test each batch of EVOO ( for each storage tank) and record the chemical values in our database. These test results are than made available for our customers on our web site.
  • What is the relation between the lot number on the retail package and the production process?
    During the product packaging, we link the lot number of the product the EVOO batch. We also record the sales channel/retailer that the products are shipped. Therefore, we know the entire journey of the product from the orhcard to the shelf.
  • How can I trust your traceability System ? Is it audited by a 3rd Party Auditor?
    Ozelia Estate and Mill both have International Organic Certifications, incuding USDA Organic Certification. Traceability along with other food safety regulations is a USDA requirement and tightly regulated. In order to obtain and maintain these certifications, Ozelia farm and mill have been audited regularly by USDA accredited auditor companies, samples are taken and sent to internationally accredited labaratories. The traceability of the products are also audited including the records keept at every state of production and sales operations.
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