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Ozelia`s in-house developed OlivERP has won a global award!

As some of you already noticed, we use an in-house developed, cloud-based software to manage all of our processes, from orhcards to the sales. It is the technology that provides end to end traceability and ensure our highest quality standards.

Recently Ozelia OlivERP has been awarded by Zoho, as the Best ERP Application In Manufacturing, globally. Zoho is a global cloud platform having more than 50 million users and hosts more than 10,000 business applications, including ones serving Fortune listed companies. Therefore, having this award as a boutique olive oil producer is important to us. It shows how advanced the underlying technology we use to serve our customers.

Thanks to OlivERP, our entire product lifecycle is fully traceable, from our orchards to your table;

  • We track every tree and orchard with a special coding system and record every agricultural activity using mobile devices, such as cultivation, pruning, irrigation, and harvesting.

  • Every single batch of olive is tracked starting from harvest to milling, storage, and packaging with batch numbers and geo-tags.

  • The consumer packaging includes batch and lot numbers, along with barcodes. So retailers and consumers can display and trace back product details on our website, such as its shipment, packaging and manufacturing dates, the geo-origin of the EVOO, the type and characteristics of the olive used. Even the location of the orchards are shown on a map!


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