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Ozelia`s in-house developed OlivERP has won a global award!

As some of you already noticed, we use an in-house developed, cloud-based software to manage all of our processes, from orhcards to the sales. It is the technology that provides end to end traceability and ensure our highest quality standards. Recently Ozelia OlivERP has been awarded by Zoho, as the Best ERP Application In Manufacturing, globally. Zoho is a global cloud platform having more than 50 million users and hosts more than 10,000 business applications, including ones serving Fortune listed companies. Therefore, having this award as a boutique olive oil producer is important to us. It shows how advanced the underlying technology we use to serve our customers. Thanks to OlivERP, our entire product lifecycle is fully traceable, from our orchards to your table; We track every tree and orchard with a special coding system and record every agricultural activity using mobile devices, such as cultivation, pruning, irrigation, and harvesting. Every single batch of olive is tracked starting from harvest to milling, storage, and packaging with batch numbers and geo-tags. The consumer packaging includes batch and lot numbers, along with barcodes. So retailers and consumers can display and trace back product details on our website, such as its shipment, packaging and manufacturing dates, the geo-origin of the EVOO, the type and characteristics of the olive used. Even the location of the orchards are shown on a map!

Opening instructions for Ozelia 1Lt/33.8 fl oz tin box packaging

Recently some of our customers reached out to us and asked how to open the cap of our 1 Lt tin boxes. To open the cap, please follow the instructions as illustrated below. If you are still having difficulty, feel free to reach out. We will be more than happy to help and make it right for you. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY TOOLS OR SHARP OBJECTS TO OPEN THE CAP !

Can GMOs Be Used in Organic Products?

The short answer is "NO"! None of our extra virgin olive oils contain GMOs. Ozelia Family Orchards and processing facilities are USDA Organic (NOP) certified. Our orchards and facilities are audited by a USDA accredited international auditing firm EcoCert. According to USDA ; "The use of genetic engineering, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), is prohibited in organic products. This means an organic farmer can’t plant GMO seeds, an organic cow can’t eat GMO or corn, and an organic soup producer can’t use any GMO ingredients. To meet the USDA organic regulations, farmers and processors must show they aren’t using GMOs and that they are protecting their products from contact with prohibited substances, such as GMOs, from farm to table." In other words, when you buy a bottle of USDA Organic Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it is "Certified" Non-GMO. This does not mean that the non-organic extra virgin olive oils we sell contain GMOs. Unlike some other crops, olive trees or olive farming does not involve any GMOs. Therefore olive oil, in general, is a very safe product. In the Mediterranean basin, olive orchards are traditionally established and operated using local varieties. Thanks to our traceability platform, we know the orchard and olive variety every single EVOO batch was produced from. The orchards where our olives harvested from are established and operated by traditional agricultural methods. The olive trees are planted several decades, sometimes centuries ago! So if our traceability system tells me that the olive oil is obtained a traditional/local variety and orchard, there is no way it be a GMO since none of them contain GMO seeds or variants. So by definition, all of them are non-GMO. However, most small farmers we work with cannot afford the certification. For more information please review this article published on USDA web site. web site.

2019 Harvest Season is here !

We are excited to start the new season! Having closed a very fruitful year with several quality awards both domestically and internationally, we are ready for the new season with innovations. This season we will be launching our cloud-based, in-house developed OlivERP sofware platform. This one of a kind, state of the art platform will help us to digitize our entire operations from the orchards to the shelves.
It will not only increase our productivity and help us to produce the perfect olive oils we always strived for, but also allow us to serve our customers with the latest technology. Stay tuned for the news.. We wish all of the olive farmers a very good and fruitful season!

The first GOLD Award of the year is again from Akhisar World Olive Harvest Competition

It is now officially a tradition for Ozelia. We have won the GOLD Award again. Having more than 14 million olive trees, Akhisar is one of the most important olive producing regions of Turkey. Therefore, winning a gold award from Akhisar Trade Exchange`s annual "World Olive Day" EVOO competition has always been an honor for us, proving that we are consistently capable of producing one of the best EVOOs of Turkey.

Our samples are ready for Akhisar Trade Exchange Olive Oil Competition

The samples are taken from a regular early harvest batch. The judges/tasting panel will be performing a blind tasting test in accordance with IOOC rules and score all participants` EVOOs. Although there is no doubt about our EVOO`s premium quaility, we cannot hide our excitement.

Pictures from our 2018 Harvest Season

Ozelia has won season`s second Gold Award from the Zeytindostu International Quality Contest.

Zeytindostu Foundation (Meaning "Friends of Olive") has been hosting one of the most prestigious EVOO quality competitions of Turkey, which is also considered "The Oscars of EVOO" among the EVOO producers. This year`s competition was held in Gaziantep, which is one of the important olive growing cities of Turkey. The participation to the contest has been regulated with strict rules and requirements, including detailed chemical test results from the accredited labs. After the careful evaluation of each EVOO sample with a blind test, tasting panel`s scores determine the winners of gold, silver and bronze awards. We have participated with EVOO samples from our early harvest "Uslu" variety that are hand picked from our orchards. The fruits pressed in our own mill within hours from the harvest. The acidity level was measured as 0.2% right after the pressing. The dark green color and robust, fruity aroma of the EVOO was the proof of high polyphenol content. So, we didn`t even bother ourselves for a lab test. For more information:

Ozelia is awarded with GOLD Medal at Akhisar Trade Exchange`s Annual EVOO Quality Contest.

As a quality competition that is held during the actual harvest season, Akhisar`s Trade Exchange`s annual EVOO quality contest functions like an early indication and approval of the quality for the seasons yield. We are happy to be recognized as one of the "Best EVOO"s of the country`s prime olive growing region which is the home of more than 14 million olive trees that are meticulously cared by thousands of local growers.

Our favorite time of the year: Harvest Season !

The harvest season is by far the most important and exciting time of the year, regardless of the crop. For the olive farmers of the North Hemisphere, it usually starts around October and lasts until the new year. It always starts with a positive vibe followed by a feeling of satisfaction whose degree is determined by the level of expectations. Regardless of the yield, there is always a thankfulness at the end which is soon replaced by the hope for the next year. This cycle repeats itself for the entire life time of a farmer without failing a single time for thousands of years. As the members of a multi-generational farmer family, we are not exceptions. We feel the same excitement, hope and thankfulness every single time. We wish a happy harvest season for all olive farmers! #Hasat

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